Supernatural pavilion / competition / redemption

Project: Supertnatural pavilion / competition / redemption

authors: Stevanovic Nikola, Lalovic Aleksandar, Radulovic Vladimir

year: 2011


The concept is based on an idea of ephemeral architecture and seeks to challenge the assumption that architecture is always imposed on nature (ephemeral – short lived, transform- able, inconstant, temporary …). The goal was not to try to fit into the surroundings with pure physical characteristics, but to highlight immediate environment and its qualities – vegetation, light, air, rain. This was accomplished by transformation, transparency and use of natural materials which have all resulted in pavilion becoming an ephemeral envelope, which was materialized using the knitting system that allowed variation in transparency, visual variation and very easy assembling and disassembling with no tools or additional elements necessary. Such a use of materials allowed them to be exploited with no modification, thus making them 100% reusable. The transformation allowed program flexibility – auditorium/ exhibition space, and was made possible by making the panels of a flexible material such as rope.


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